The Traffic Light

Have you been in a situation where you doubt the existence of God? Especially when you strongly believe that he exists? At that point you felt like everything was crumbling and God decided to turn a deaf ear to you. You asked yourself, what could I have possibly done to deserve this? Am I the worse sinner on earth? Why has God decided to turn his back on me?

You fast and pray and still no results, you get very close to achieving certain things and at the peak of it you don’t get it and you feel God is not here. The truth is GOD IS HERE, his always been. He never left at any point in time.

As children our parents chastised us because they love us, as kids we wouldn’t understand and think that they hate us, but growing up we get to appreciate every bit of it. This is same with God, he allows us go through different situations in order to prepare us for the plans he has for us, which is why we should never compare ourselves to other people as we all have our different journeys in life (Jeremiah 29:11, Deuteronomy 8:1-10).

Using the traffic light as an example, while one lane is on red, the other lane is on green. The first lane to have the green light is going a different direction. Now imagine the other lane requesting to go green same time with the other lanes, then there would be chaos.

Applying this example to our everyday life, we should not always compare ourselves with others by saying “God things are going well for my friend, why are things not going well for me?” The reason is because your friend is going to a different destination that is why the light is green for him/her and when it is time for you to move to your own destination the light would be green for you.

So always remember that GOD IS HERE and no matter what you pass through in life there is a reason. The reason is to prepare you for the plans he has for you. Remember if you check, every successful person always has a story to tell, so see what you are going through as part of the story you would tell when you are successful. And remember NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD because HE would NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!! (Joshua 1:5).

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